Can Display Advertising Increase Brand Awareness?

How much time do you just piddle around reading scientific research, sports stats, and cafe recipes? We all spend more time on our favorite websites that we do to search for a specific item. So, if you have a business and want to reach prospective customers, display advertising provides many benefits such as fast brand building and helps you reach your audience with Google Display Ads.

Today, online display advertising helps to revolutionize the market and proves to be boon for businessmen, who were struggling before as they were using traditional advertising for brand building. According to the Digital Banner Production Agency, it is an effective media to reach most of the audience within a target market as it has more power to educate the consumers to build trust for the brand. When you are purchasing for your own or if it’s a personal purchase, you will be more involved where you remember or will look for the factors like the brand’s reputation, culture, quality, values, features, specification or social status of the product or company.

Once you come out of your comfort zone, you will automatically get pushed to choose differently. Assume you are traveling or moving cross-country and want to buy yogurt, you might like to visit the grocery store and walk down Yogurtland. After looking up for a couple of minutes, you were not able to decide, as you couldn’t find the best one. After looking up for a while longer, you see something familiar on a banner ad – Danone, and you are finally able to decide. This is the power of display advertising. Even though Danone isn’t your favorite yogurt or first choice at home, you chose it because it is what you saw on the ad.

How to make the best use of such ads?

When it comes to directing traffic to the website, one of the methods that social media marketing experts believe in is banner ads. They use these ads on the most visited or trusted sites, since generating high traffic on website will increase the chances of conversion. If you randomly ask a couple of passersby on the street about their favorite flavor of ice cream, the probability of “Vanilla” as the choice may be zero, but if you ask 10 people the same question, your chances of finding “Vanilla” as the likely response may increase. This rate will go up incrementally when the question is put to more people.
Similarly, traffic on your site increases when your target audience encounters your display ads across different sites. The larger the number of your ads, the higher will be the rate of responses, which will increase traffic into your site.

How can the branding increase?

The main reason why big brands spend so much money on display advertising is because it effectively reaches most people within a target market compared to other media. It affects consumers at every stage of the marketing journey from awareness, evaluation and education to purpose. The reason why such promotion is important and effective is that, this is quick way to build brand awareness because people are happy to see and likely to remember the things what they see rather than read and hear from somewhere.

So the display ad contribute to the traffic and conversion. As per Forbes, 90% of the advertising agencies and business consider display ads are a great way to increase branding.

Benefits of Display Advertising

Display ads are the graphic content that incorporates text, logos, pictures or images and company branding to attract the user’s attention on websites. Display ads are branded and styled and the user can gather information on brand simply by clicking on the ad.

Effective Targeting with Display Ads

In online advertising, it is necessary to target the people who are most relevant to business. You can create specific parameters like, which sites they will appear on, or which geographic area or niche market they are appearing in. The benefit of targeting is that you can maximize your reach. For example, apparels and accessories retailers target people of adolescent age and women who livein their zip code and are visiting fashion-style related websites.

With Display Ads – Increase Visibility

Display ads help your business to grow by getting you in front of a high volume of the right kind of people even if they are not searching for the product. Thereby display ads are likely to appear on the websites that are not even the highly trafficked but related to the offer.

Display Ads – Provide Data

Using Google analytics, you can measure your marketing activities and track the performance of your website. With the data, what the Display ads provide you can exactly know how many times your ads had been clicked.

Display Ads Allows Retargeting

Other than standard targeting capabilities Display ads support retargeting, where you can target people in more impactful manner, who have already visited your website and express interests in business.

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