Brutal Bedbugs

Bedbugs have been grabbing the headlines in unexpected places lately, including Los Angeles, Ca. These tiny, blood sucking critters usually prefer humid climates, which is why it’s not surprising when they appear in New York City or Orlando, Florida. But when they started popping up in Southern California, a lot of residents panicked, and turned to trusty old Google for help.

This was bad news for the parasites because most of the search queries have been directed at locating pest control companies. And anyone familiar with SEO and e-marketing knows that can only mean one thing: a cut throat fight for page ranks, ad space, and keywords.
The New York Times reports on this latent consequence of the recent pest infestations and its dramatic effect on the insect control industry. The field always sees a jump in search generated traffic at certain times of year, but many providers simply weren’t prepared to tackle the high volume and competitive atmosphere. Of course, this rise in popularity means increased costs associated with pay per click ads as well as keyword bidding.

This artificial spike won’t last very long, but it illustrates the importance of managing an effective SEO strategy. Marketers should also pay attention to the latest news and be tuned in to consumer trends so that they can capitalize on similar advertising anomalies. When it comes to online advertising, it’s probably best to practice the Boy Scout’s motto— be prepared! Otherwise, your competitors will gain the upper hand, and they’ll use it to squash you when the heat is on.

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