CNN and Volvo Have Teamed up to Produce Live Ads During Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse on Monday, Aug, 21 is the first total eclipse that had been seen from coast to coast across the United States in nearly a century when the earth, the moon and the sun came under a single alignment. This phenomenon presented a unique opportunity for brands and TV news networks acrossContinue reading “CNN and Volvo Have Teamed up to Produce Live Ads During Solar Eclipse”

Podcasts are Gaining Popularity in the United States

In the United States popularity of the podcast market is increasing. At present, approximately 25% of US adults aged 18 to 49 listen to podcasts at least once a month. In the last two years, many large digital publishers have released their own podcasts. Increase in digital media consumption on mobile has made it moreContinue reading “Podcasts are Gaining Popularity in the United States”

Account-Based Marketing is the Future

Is the ‘cold call’ as we know it, burning itself out? Many marketers seem to think so especially with the way sales callers tend to go berserk at anyone and everyone almost in the manner of unrelenting zombies. In the pre-online days it made sense to carpet-fire across a wide perimeter and score a hitContinue reading “Account-Based Marketing is the Future”

Amazon Spark Set to Light Up Brand Discourse on Social Media

Amazon Spark is a social feed of user-posted images in the manner of a ‘story’ on Instagram or Snapchat but there are some crucial differences – Spark is not open for posting pictures and commenting for everybody because this right belongs exclusively with Amazon Prime customers who pay an annual fee of $ 99.

How brands are adjusting and adapting to digital media

Digital marketing has today become an indispensable part of any media mix as shoppers are increasingly showing their preference for online purchases. At the same time, social media has grown at a fast pace and it is playing a leading role in replacing the old tradition of shopping at brick-and-mortar stores with online shopping.

CPV Advertising is set to Rule Online Advertising in Future

As with most rules of the internet, online advertising rules are also framed and set by Google because of the way it approaches the matters related to the internet and its uses. Therefore, after Google introduced CPV advertising, it is gradually becoming law as all the other big players also begin adopting it.

CPC Format of Advertising is the Most Optimum Way

Recently, Facebook announced that it won’t charge advertisers for unintentional clicks on their advertisements by users. This is a very important development for CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising because it further improves the filter that determines the advertisers ROI. Google, the other internet major that sets trends in online media, has already been using thisContinue reading “CPC Format of Advertising is the Most Optimum Way”

Advertisers on Facebook Won’t be Charged for Unintentionally Clicked Ads

We all have had moments when we were scrolling or clicking through a website or mobile app and ended up clicking on an ad without exactly intending to. For the user it’s just a click gone wrong and it’s no big deal but the poor advertiser would have been charged for the click. Now, FacebookContinue reading “Advertisers on Facebook Won’t be Charged for Unintentionally Clicked Ads”