Consumer Trust in Online Ads Rises as Trust in Traditional Ads Fall

Think that online ads are on the rise? You could be right. Results from a recent study by Nielsen indicate that consumer trust in online media continue to increase, while the opposite is happening to traditional advertising. According to their Global Trust in Advertising report, Nielsen surveyed over 28,000 Internet respondents in 53 countries. ResultsContinue reading “Consumer Trust in Online Ads Rises as Trust in Traditional Ads Fall”

Boost Sales and Engagement Using Videos

The claim that “video can do wonders for your business” isn’t just an empty marketing shtick from video companies. Studies have shown that videos are two times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compared to plain text pages. Additionally, it’s a known fact that most people are drawn to images moreContinue reading “Boost Sales and Engagement Using Videos”

US Online Ad Spending Expected to Increase in 2012

eMarketer predicts that US online display ad spending will see a 24.1% increase this year, to 15.4 billion. According to the research company, their “estimate includes spending on banners, rich media, sponsorships and video purchased across all major display ad inventory providers (e.g., publisher sites, networks, exchanges, DSPs, etc.) as well as social networks andContinue reading “US Online Ad Spending Expected to Increase in 2012”

4 Crucial Points to Consider When Running Overlay Ads

Overlay ads have become quite popular in the online advertising industry, mainly because aside from providing a CTR that’s 5 – 10 times higher than traditional ads,  they can grab users’ attention without being obtrusive. These types of ads can be displayed on top of images or videos on a webpage. The success of overlay adsContinue reading “4 Crucial Points to Consider When Running Overlay Ads”

Over 100 Million People are Now Using Smartphones

If you you’re still putting off implementing mobile ads for your business, here’s yet another reason to get on it. According to the numbers released by comScore yesterday, over 100 million US subscribers now use smartphones. Up 13 percent since October, comScore determined that “Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 48.6 percentContinue reading “Over 100 Million People are Now Using Smartphones”

Ads on Twitter are Going Mobile

If you’re an advertiser and you love Twitter now, get ready to fall in love with it even more. The microblogging site recently announced that they are rolling out new ads for their official mobile apps (iPhone and Android). This is a very wise move, considering that 55 percent of Twitter’s active users access theContinue reading “Ads on Twitter are Going Mobile”

A Closer Look at Retargeting

Common sense tells us that when a person sees something numerous times, he or she is more likely to remember it. This same premise applies to ad retargeting (AKA remarketing). Known as one of the most innovative types of ads on the web, remarketing enables advertisers to reach users that visited their site in theContinue reading “A Closer Look at Retargeting”