Art of Crafting a Blog: How to Write a blog to Get Ranked?

Crafting a blog is art!!

We often think — the craft of writing a blog is just like any other skill. 

This thinking is what derails the process of creating a blog that gets ranked on search engines. 

And, when you really want to popularize your website by writing interesting blogs — missing on the technicalities (like SEO, keywords & everything) of blogs that help it rank is a crime. 

Per research conducted by a bunch of experts — online marketers who are actively blogging generate 67% more leads than the other lot who are using other techniques.

Another data suggests that every lead generated through a blog post costs 62% less than through any other form of outbound marketing. 

But, it’s like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound – if you’re not doing it the right way even blogging is not going to work for you.

Crafting a blog is essentially different from writing some XYZ code to develop a mobile application or a website. 

If you have been doing it in that way — you are doing it wrong!

It’s like at one moment your mind will be brimming with some wonderful ideas and at the other moment, it’s like your fingers have frozen. 

If you are trying to write a blog post on native advertising – when you started you’re all overflowing with ideas, but when you reached the middle, it looked vague. 

Hang in there, don’t give up!!

Your brain is processing those ideas and your fingers will pen down those interesting processed ideas soon. 

It’s normal. It happens to all of us. 

Even the most successful bloggers experience those namby-pamby moments. 

The best of both worlds is creating an interesting blog post that resonates with your audience and that generates leads for your business. 

It’s not rocket science — believe me!

Be persuasive, be powerful!!

It is ok to invest your time and money into creating content. 

It will get you the results in a couple of days or maybe a couple of months. 

In the end, you’ll fine-tune yourself with a systematic plan that allows you to create interesting content. 

You’ll gradually develop a formula for creating a power-packed persuasive piece of content that will get you rank high on Google. 

To help you in the endeavor to help yourself & your organization grow as a dependable blogger we have created a step-by-step guide. 

Ready to discover more about how you can write a blog to get ranked?

Let’s get started:

  1. Create your own bundle of Ideas you can bank upon.

You cannot do without having prior knowledge of the idea you will be working on when you sit down to write. 

Creating your blog on a bad idea will do nothing but devalue your precious time & resources. 

So, it is worth giving it time to sit down and to launch a thorough investigation into what’s going to work for your niche. 

It’s worth taking a day at the beginning of every month creating a list of ideas so that you can work on these ideas everyday. 

This approach will get you through the burden of getting trapped in the lack of ideas. 

There are four easy and simple steps you can get through this:

Step 1: Thorough analysis of your products & services.

Step 2: Conducting an audit of your blog posts.

Step 3: Analysing and borrowing ideas from your competitors’ blogs for the most important keyword.

Step 4: Getting the idea through the pinpoint of your target audience. 

At this stage, we should not be concerned about the processed blog itself. Rather we must focus on raw ideas that can be transformed into an all processed blog post that can further generate leads for you. 

Let’s create this arsenal of raw data for you!

  1. Get the required Research Done with full Vigour.

For your business to get results, it is important that you have collected enough data to analyze & compare how you should proceed through it. 

Before turning your business idea into reality, it can take you days and months to analyze what could be the best way it would be a success – vigorous research is the only answer. 

In a similar way, writing a blog will need a lot of research work before you finally start penning that down. 

Create your quality research document in advance containing important data. Here are simple steps you must follow to create your research document:

Step 1: While you go through your competitors’ sites focus on content instead of ideas( as we did in the last step).

Step 2: Collect important information & data that you come across while doing your research, which will fit into your blog post. 

Step 3: Make sure you are creating a complete data-driven piece of content that can add value to those who come to read it. 

Here’s what kind of data you must find from your research. We are mentioning here where you can find the most authentic information in different forms. Here we go:

Statistical data: Statistical, Google search, Factmonster, fact browser.

Infographics: Dailyinfographics,

Scientific studies: Google scholar, 

Videos: Google video Search, Youtube.

  1. Make Persuasion a Priority.

Everyone is trying to sell something! Your audience hates every time listening to the same rhetoric, the words speaking more than their work. 

At the moment, someone is reading your blog that you are making just a fake promise — he’ll not hesitate in pressing the exit button the very moment. 

Therefore instead of focusing on boasting about your product make sure that you are using persuasive language.

There are six persuasive points you must take care of while you are writing your blog post – Credibility, Urgency, Reciprocity, Authority, Reciprocity, and Authenticity. 

  1. Now is the time to craft your own piece of persuasive heading.

You have all the knowledge!

What business needs you to focus on?

What are the recent developments taking place in the niche?

How are your competitors doing it?

And, you have all the relevant & supporting data & information you need to establish the authenticity of whatever you have to say. 

Now without further thinking about anything else, just persuade your audience with a hard-hitting efficacious heading. The ad then works out the body of your blog that not only provides the information but in a way that looks interesting and authentic to your audience. 

Here are there six basic rules that you must follow to be able to successfully craft your best headline for your blog:

Rule 1: Be Specific & clear.

Rule 2: Avoid using confusing words.

Rule 3: Use numbers.

Rule 4: Don’t reveal the solution.

Rule 5: Invoke curiosity.

Rule 6: Add an extra pinch of emotional appeal.

  1. A unique opening is going to keep them glued.

It is like almost opening the blog — if you have given a magnetic opening for your blog. It is all about what you score with your beginning. 

Your audience will realize that there is something to look forward to if you have given it an — interesting, curiosity generating, and fun-filled — beginning. 

So, without any further ado let’s know a few important rules to keep in mind while crafting the beginning of your blog. Let’s get started:

Rule 1: Let the first few sentences of your blog small. This will enhance the readability of your blog by as much as 58%

Rule 2: Talk about the problem and connect it emotionally.

Rule 3: Share your personal experiences & anecdotes to make it sound authentic.

  1. Let the Body of your post Speak for your Product/service.

This is going to be that part of your blog where you are going to be investing most of your time. 

Invest & make the most of this time. 

It is all about cutting on the crap from all your research data and crafting something interestingly in a way that adds to the curiosity at every step. 

Here are some rules that you must follow:

Rule 1: Add emotions when you are talking about problems.

Rule 2: Add Logic when you are talking about the solution.

Rule 3: Present a solution that can be implemented immediately.

Rule 4: Develop your own unique writing style.

  1. Give it the perfect closure.

Every writer develops his/her own style of giving closure over a period of time. When you’ll closely inspect your writing you’ll definitely realize that part of your writing.

So while there isn’t any rule book that will dictate you how to write the closing statement for your blog, there are certain rules that will help you with that. Let’s have a look:

Rule 1: Talk about the first thing you started with & the last thing you ended before the closure.

Rule 2: Talk about the urgency to act immediately and the benefits it will show up.

Rule 3: keep it inspiring, motivational & end it on a positive note. 

Rule 4: Play with your closing line. Ask a question or for an opinion. Give your reader a reason to engage with you. 


So, when we said at the beginning of this post, “writing is an art” it was almost 100% truth. If you are doing pure business blogging it is about maintaining a balance between what value you are adding to the reader’s life and how you are adding value to your business. It is about learning the art of creatively, smartly & authentically selling your products and services via persuasive writing. It is keeping your audience hooked to your content and then mindfully introducing to them your product. 

Do you have more ideas on how to write smart blogs & get ranked? Let us know we’ll talk about those ideas in our upcoming blogs. 

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