An Overview Of Ad Networks For Publishers – Why Choose AdMedia?

Display advertising appears to be the most intuitive approach to monetize content. And to accomplish that, publishers are eager to find the advertisers who are willing to buy the space on the website and exhibit their ads. While it is a great way to earn money for the publishers, it becomes a challenge to find the right advertisers. Also, because of the high risk involved in the process, it is important to have a platform that can work as an intermediary between the advertiser and publisher. That’s where AdMedia steps in.

If you own a website, you must be aware of the importance of ad networks. 

It is an extraordinarily successful and low-effort approach to monetizing the website. It fills in the ad inventory and maximizes the CPM (Cost Per Mille) without interfering with the user experience. 

If you are at the early stages, you might find it quite daunting to figure out the ins and outs of various ad networks for the publisher and pick the one that best serves the individual. However, this article will make it quick and easy for you. Here, we will talk about AdMedia that is ideal for you in terms of payout and usage. But before that, let us look at what an ad network is, its benefits, and some interesting facts. 

What Is an Ad Network?

Ad network is a technological platform and an excellent tool that links advertisers to websites that want to run adverts. In a simple inventory selling transaction, you can consider an ad network to be a middleman responsible for connecting the right publisher to the right advertiser. It partners with both parties and helps them achieve their ad campaign objectives. The network aggregates ad supplies from publishers and matches them with advertisers’ demand.

This network acts as an essential monetization component without which publishers will have to perform all the tasks and negotiate deals with different advertisers. It is a great option for everyone who can offer ad space. While the term “Ad Network” is media neutral and is considered majorly for television and print advertising, it has often been used for online advertising in the past few years. An online advertising network refers to hundreds of websites under one umbrella. The idea behind such a network is to represent various companies as a part of a unified business or market plan. 

Importance Of Ad Network

It is essential to understand how ad networks can prove beneficial for publishers and advertisers. 

For publishers, the most obvious benefit of an ad network is the ability to sell its inventories that were not previously sold through other transaction methods. With the help of a network, they can easily stand against established advertisers and gain the maximum benefit from their larger following and audience. 

While such networks majorly focus on assisting publishers in selling impression-based ad inventory, they also provide many other benefits. Here are some of them: 

– Works perfectly to sell remnant ad inventory

– Helps in offering the publishers inventory to the right advertiser at the right time

– Facilitates payments and transactions

– Easy and reliable method of selling inventory

– It is cost-efficient 

– Improves visibility of both the parties 

– Increases the relevancy for advertisers 

– Dedicated and personalized support

– Detailed targeting based on various factors

– Saves time and energy

– Leverage detailed analytics for better understanding

Learn How To Choose The Best Ad Network For Publisher

It’s now time to move to the next crucial part – choosing the best ad networks for the publisher. However, you must learn about the key factors when picking the right option. 

While choosing the network is not that difficult, the problem arises due to the plethora of options in the ad tech world. To help you make the right decision, here are a few things that you must take into account: 

– The target audience

– Size of advertiser network

– Total budget

– The desired quality of ads

– Payment or compensation terms

– Niche

– The underlying technology

– Available ad formats 

Focus on all these pointers and match your demands with that of the advertiser. Then, choose the one that fits in the best of your interests. 

 Why AdMedia Should Be Your Go-To Ad Network

AdMedia is your one-stop solution for all your advertiser needs. It offers one of the best networks to help you get the most out of your website. You will add valuable content to your website and get incredible ROI from it. It assists in placing relevant and targeted adverts across the site by connecting publishers with top companies. AdMedia Publisher Services also ensure that the ad placed on the website complements the feel of the website and gives it a natural appearance. Apart from this, to serve publishers with a personalized experience, they let them choose the kind of ad they want to be placed, where it should appear, whether it should be discreet or in plain view, and other such preferences. This service will add quality, higher website visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Important Facts About Ad Networks

Ad networks hold great importance in attracting customers and getting traffic to the website. It is a game-changer in the digital sector, and various studies have proved it over the years. Here are some interesting facts on advertising networks:

– In 2020, total expenditure on internet advertising was $356 billion.

– Online revenue generation from ads increased by 15.9% in 2019 and has been growing ever since. 

– The U.S alone spent $121 billion on advertising in 2020. 

– Mobile advertising increased by 74% in the last nine years. 

– Mobile ads hold 70% of the total share of the entire advertising sector.

Summing It Up

Without a doubt, the choice is vast when we start looking for ad networks for the publisher. Regardless of their preferences, every publisher can find solutions for their website. But remember, choosing the right network will help you monetize the website effectively and generate higher revenue with ease. And AdMedia is a force to reckon with when it comes to ad networks. Get in touch and enjoy exceptional services all under one roof. 

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