Artificial Intelligence Can Help Further Develop Creativity? Here’s How

Thanks to computational creatives, Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) can produce real design outputs. This further strengthens the notion that AI is not a foreboding future but an interesting reality. On the other hand, advertising is facing an existential crisis, which is fueled by intransigence and denial.

Furthermore, traditional agency CEOs continue to regard the machinery around them as an alien technology that is capable of an extinction event and haunted by Artificial Intelligence rampaging through departments, decimating jobs and ultimately: creativity. However, Artificial Intelligence has the capabilities to enhance the traditional decision-making through data-driven insights. Here’s how Artificial Intelligence can further help develop creativity.

How is Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Marketing?

Today, the number of marketing channels is growing significantly, whether we talk about retail, online, social, flash sales, or even mobile. Therefore, marketing decisions too, need to be faster and out-of-the-box. However, the focus and excitement continue to be on how machine learning and AI can help marketers connect with their customers, without much discussion about how the fundamental rules of marketing can assimilate the integration of digitization, big data, and Artificial Intelligence. While, there is a high dependency on analytics to extract insights and developing strategies to measure the impact of various marketing actions, both machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence are can be helpful in automating tasks, especially in the creative aspects of marketing.

Artificial Intelligence as a Creative Marketing Tool

Selecting Images

Artificial Intelligence can decide whether an image fits or not by analyzing its content. AI can also offer hyper-personalized selection and ranking filters based on unique user requirements. Technologies, which run on deep neural networks are also able to scan multiple images, choose the best pieces and combine them to create the desired image.

Storytelling And Video Content

Self-learning algorithms can be trained to write scripts, stories, produce music videos and edit content based on distinctive interests of users. AI-based tools can develop copy for commercials, ads, and other marketing campaigns. In addition, Artificial Intelligence-based copywriters can help to check content quality by analyzing writing style, text, grammar, tone, and punctuation.

Virtual Experiences

Experiential marketing can be a beneficial strategy for improving sales. Sharing real-life experiences between brand and its customers can help marketers develop a strong relationship. Both AI and VR-AR are capable of creating powerful, engaging and layered experiences. Therefore, AI can help connect users to brands via life-like virtual interactions. It is important to know here that AI  may be assisting the marketer in the creative aspects. However, its application can help automate repetitive/operational tasks. This clearly indicates that AI can help free up a lot of time spent on mundane tasks so that marketers can focus on being creative, ideate and innovate!

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