6 Different forms of Native Ads and their Benefit

The universe of Digital marketing is evolving every day without any break. Businesses are looking for ways that can cater to the consumer’s needs and how they want to learn about brands. Per data, the clickthrough rates for banner ads were 9% in 2000 which slipped to1% today.  These evolving trends have led businesses to […]

Google Ads’ Smart Bidding Enhances Predictions & Insights

Google Ads announces a new update to its Smart Bidding. It comes with an enhancement in the reporting through which marketers can get better insights into the predictive features & the performance drivers. The announcement followed closely after a blog was posted a day before encouraging advertisers to take the advantage of Smart Bidding. Google […]

Search Ads vs Display Ads: Which is Best for Your Ad Campaign?

This is pretty tough to be sure whether to use search ads or display ads for your online campaign. And, it is definitely one of the foremost important decisions as it may lead to losing a significant part of your ad campaign budget.  Ask yourself the following questions before setting an advertising campaign: What is […]

Search Ad Spends Recovering after the Pandemic

Unlike what you might have thought, the search Ad spending has increased in 2020. And, it is during the coronavirus pandemic that digital marketing is moving towards a new phase. With social spends & Search Ads spending gradually beginning to rise across multiple channels — it looks like the digital marketing industry is once again […]

7 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Get you Steady Results

Do you wonder if all the Facebook ads that you see in your feed get results?  You would wonder, but YES! Business owners can get benefitted from every single Facebook ad.  They get your business massive ROI! Every modern-day marketer is looking for techniques and channels where they should invest to get a steady flow […]

12 Unique Benefits of Using Contextual Advertising

In our previous blog post, we talked about contextual advertising and what techniques you can use to boost your advertising using contextual marketing. We discussed what is contextual targeting how it differs from other forms of online marketing. This is another post on “contextual advertising” in a row. But, it is going to be discussing […]

5 Important Contextual Marketing Tips to Boost Advertising

You can get away from the fact!  Your customers have been ignoring your banner ads, sponsored search results & video ads lately.  It is because you have not been doing it right. Learn about contextual advertising – learn the art of creating campaigns that fit into the context. Create the marketing experiences that get etched […]

Email Advertising Trends & Stats of 2020 You Must Know

Are you up with designing your Email advertising strategy?  Before starting with designing your Email advertising strategy, knowing about the latest trends and stats will enhance the probability of creating a winning strategy.  Marketing is all about keeping your plans & strategies updated with the latest industry trends & stats. Tweaking it according to your […]

Remarketing Vs. Retargeting: How are they Different?

Retargeting and remarketing are often used interchangeably, but there are some trivial yet important differences that every digital marketer should know.  It’s not surprising if you are confused between remarketing & retargeting.  In the digital marketing landscape, both terms are used interchangeably.  But, they are technically not the same concepts.  We can say that both […]

Tips to Write Irresistible Email Advertising Copies

In the last few years, email advertising has come a long way. While most brands today look obsessed with the idea of all those fancy new functionalities — they do not always work. No matter how many bells & whistles you are incorporating therein, it won’t work. So how does it work? Do you know […]

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