Tips to Write Irresistible Email Advertising Copies

In the last few years, email advertising has come a long way. While most brands today look obsessed with the idea of all those fancy new functionalities — they do not always work. No matter how many bells & whistles you are incorporating therein, it won’t work. So how does it work? Do you know […]

Google Adds New Features to Enrich Shopping during COVID

Google is up with new updates in line with the COVID-19 era. Google is coming up with new updates to Display ads and image extensions to make shopping a smart & exciting experience for users. Google Update: Google adds new features to Visual Options for Shoppers and Brands. Google is accepting reality and works to […]

Responsive Search Ads: Google Added New Features Recently

Google recently added new features to Responsive Search Ad copy options. These dynamic features will add to the functionalities of RSA ads helping with asset suggestions & cross-campaign results. Google has added the following important features to the responsive ads including: Location insertion Countdown customizers. Apart from the above two users will also be able […]

What Is Display Advertising? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide!

Display advertising is the mode of digital marketing whereby various visual forms of advertising are used including banner ads to advertise various products and services on different channels like social media, websites, and apps. In this blog post, we’ll learn about display ads how they grab the attention of the audience by targeting mechanisms, types, […]

Reasons Why Native Advertising Works

Do you wonder why native advertising works better than traditional forms of online advertising? It blends seamlessly in the environment it is placed in. They are designed to look like the list of articles that you have come searching for. That is the simple logic that makes native advertising work. In today’s scenario, we get […]

10 Benefits of Email Marketing in Online Advertising Strategy

Email marketing combined with some other search engine optimization techniques can do wonders for your business. It’s like some real revenue-driving magic machine! For every $1 you spend, email marketing can get you $38. It drives you ROI like no other strategy. It brings you the best buck for your buck — and that is […]

Top 5 Advantages of Cross-channel Advertising

Pretty soon, cross channel advertising will become one of the most basic elements of generating quality traffic, customer retention & driving better ROI. Cross-channel advertising is an extremely efficacious form of online marketing. In the years to come, it is going to be omnipresent. Given the age of technology, with users at every part of […]

5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Underperform: How to Fix

Have you been feeling like putting Band-Aid on a bullet wound lately, with those huge numbers of non-performing Facebook Ads? Do you wonder why these Ads are not delivering & getting impressions even after doing them balls to the walls? You have – Gotten a robust strategy in place. Created & Corrected the copies. Analyzed […]

Reach out to the Right People with Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising where ads are shown on the website, which is relevant to the content of the page. Unlike traditional media publishers, who have had no knowledge of which ads are relevant to their audience, contextual advertising reaches the niche market using highly targeted ads. With paid advertising, definitely, […]

AdMedia – The One-Stop-Solution for All Your Advertising Needs!

AdMedia has excelled in the online marketing landscape for over two decades, with its state-of-the-art advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers. On top of that, it makes sure that you get to SPEND less and SAVE more! While the world is going through unprecedented challenges, we understand your worries and apprehensions. But, we always bring […]

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