Advertisers on Twitter Now Have More Tools to Engage Customers with Direct Messages

Twitter recently released an advanced direct messages guide, which gives advertisers more effective ideas and examples. Sending a large number of direct messages with multimedia content is possible now. Advertisers who haven’t tried directing message campaigns on Twitter or thinking a campaign could have been more effective; can now access case studies of how brands were able to use them more effectively.

The social platform announced that advertisers can now use more multimedia features like one-on-one conversations within tweets that are promoted, along with video, interactive images and questions-based bots.

This new feature offers around four, custom, call-to-action buttons called direct message cards that allow users to exchange more one-one messages with advertisers. Patrón Tequila, one such advertiser, is offering personalized recommendations based on responses to consumer inquiries about entertaining guests, cocktail flavors and emojis. The brand is running promoted tweets across the country by utilizing a “Bot-Tender,” which offers suggestions on scores of drinks combinations from Patrón’s Cocktail lab, in response to users’ queries. Adrian Parker, vp, marketing, Patrón Spirits Company, said “Twitter is the perfect platform to create unique, simple-yet-compelling moments that connect with audiences during this journey, in real time,” in a statement.

One of the most effective and used features are direct message campaigns according to many advertisers when explaining their Twitter marketing strategies. They have good reasons to feel that way as their direct message campaigns have shown a much higher CTR rate of up to 71%, compared to their email marketing efforts. Advertisers need to formulate effective and well thought-out direct message strategies that take into account their customers’ needs as it can turn out to be a very effective part of their marketing efforts.

Now that advertisers can include multimedia content in direct messages, these can be a good vehicle for their brand messages to reach users. These are also effective ways to reengage those customers that advertisers have lost contact with. They can now build a network of contacts that haven’t opened any of their emails for a long time and reengage them with their brands again.

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