Advertisements and Elections

Whether through the use of ad networks or directly through their own parties, the candidates in the Presidential race put out advertisements all the time giving themselves a positive outlook while discussing the negatives of their opponents. In the race between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, it appears that Obama has dominated the advertising world. However, Romney is making a push as we are now at Election Day 2012.

According to AdWeek, Obama’s ad campaigns have been outspending and possibly outperforming Mitt Romney in the digital world.

An ad search and analytics company called Moat has come up with the data in its Top 100 advertiser ranking that shows, based on total ad volume, Romney was well behind Obama and he didn’t even break into the top 100 advertisers in the U.S. for online display until last month. In the month of September, Mitt Romney was not on the list while his opponent, Obama, was 16th.

As of now, Obama is number 2 and Romney is number 5.

So, does advertising really help the presidential election? Well, if’s poll means anything, Barack Obama would be the next president by majority. However, that was only 1,724 votes compared to the millions that will be put in tonight.

If online advertising displays have anything to say about it, Obama has been outperforming Romney in that category, but what effect will it have on the actual election itself? Should Obama win, would it prompt a higher volume in online advertising in the future for presidential candidates or would it hold no weight over how campaign ads are put out in the future?

We’ll find out tonight if online advertising could have an impact on how well a presidential candidate does in the election. If you have had your opinion swayed at some point by an online campaign ad, we would love to hear about it.

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