AdMedia Named “Best Video Ad Network”

From the Advertising Review:

Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers:

Do you want to give your earnings a staggering push? Are you unsatisfied with your traditional monetizing strategies? Have a small budget and want to earn great?

Video ad networks, the rising advertising trend, provide you with the best monetizing solutions. Video marketing is popular with both advertisers and publishers simultaneously. According to the recent statistics:

  • 54% of the customers desire to see more videos from their supported business or brand
  • Videos are utilized as a marketing tool by 87% of the advertisers
  • 66% of the progressive more leads are got by video marketers each year

You can get an extra wellspring of income utilizing video ads. Advertisers, bloggers, and publishers utilize various video ad formats. Choosing enormous video advertising numbers is itself quite onerous. A good monetizing video ad network doesn’t have one or two excellent specs but is a stable blend of various features. It must be equally encouraging for both advertisers and publishers. The following points must be considered while choosing the right video ad network.

  • It must be a great revenue-generating network.
  • It must offer a muti-monetizing solution. It doesn’t rely on one
  • It must have great ROI
  • It should be safe and reliable
  • It should coordinate your current ad tools
  • It should be capable of  targeting the worldwide audience
  • It must target smartly, according to the nature and requirements of ads
  • It must give real-time access to your earnings, ads insights, and metrics
  • Your competitors must not be working with them.


If you want to make money by monetizing third-party videos, you should consider AdMedia as it offers this unique facility. Although currently, this network is not much popular, it seems to be gradually growing in popularity as most of its users appreciate its way of working and its efficiency.

AdMedia works on the strategies like that of Google AdSense. It also sells impressions to only those advertisers on their platform, unlikely the universally accepted method according to which ad networks connect to video ad exchanges and sell impressions to the advertisers.

The platform of AdMedia usually uses contextual targeting, which may result in relevancy problems; however, you can take content in the form of videos if you prefer from its partners if you do not have your video content. In this way, you as a publisher will be able to monetize and display video ads to third-party content and earn revenue through this indirect Monetization.

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