A Complete Social Media Copywriting Guide

Copywriting for social media was as rare as hen’s teeth a few years back!

Today, it’s all over.

Ubiquitous all through the Digital Marketing landscape.

Social media today is an amazingly supreme tool to drive traffic and generate leads. A survey was done on small businesses to know about the impact of social media marketing. The result found that 85% of these businesses have generated a new client from their social media handles.

Today, not being present on social media is like band-Aid on a bullet wound. And, not so surprisingly, just creating your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter account cannot be enough. To get followers, you must make use of cream of the crop social media strategies to encourage them — Punchy & well-written social media copies is one of those strategies.

It is important to showcase the utmost craftsmanship and consummate artistry while crafting your social media post. Social media marketing is an important tool for promoting and building brand value for your business. In fact, it helps your business in a plethora of other ways — like keyword research. Do you wish to know more about keyword research techniques on social media? Click the link to read our blog.

Ineffective social media management can harm your business before you know it. Your potential customers could no longer be able to show trust in your business.

What you can do to make your social media handles effective?

Warp your head around every single social media post & get it done as beautifully as it can be.

Are you ready to craft effective social media ads? Do you want to know what’s the most ideal way to create an effective social media post? We have some interesting tips on copywriting for social media. You can use these tips along with 8 Effective Copywriting Standards During COVID-19 to make it even more relevant during COVID-19.

Let’s do it balls to the walls! Read the blog post to make this happen:

  1. Craft your Copy to encourage Engagement.

Social media is about socializing — developing a communication channel & being a part of that communication. There has to be some type of conversation — either one-way or two-way communication. When social media came into the picture no one was much aware of why it is important to keep the tone conversational.

You can encourage conversation among your followers by writing copies that ask questions, or share their experiences. You can frame copies like, “let us know your take on this…”, “tell us about your thoughts on this in the comment box…”, “Are you excited about this, tell us in the comment section…”, and more. Also, you can ask them to guess an answer! This will add to the curiosity and eagerness to get involved in the conversation.

  1. A Social media copy Brand Guideline would make it simpler.

Before you jump into social media marketing, we would suggest you design your social media brand guideline. It is important that before you sit to craft your copy, you must be clear in your head where you want to take your brand & how you want your audience to perceive your brand. This is definitely not going to be easy as it looks — it needs to address important questions. For instance, do you want to keep the tone of your copy the same as it is used on the website? Do you wish to show off the fun side of your business? In fact, social media gives you an opportunity to add some fun elements. If you still have not designed your brand identity guideline, start doing it now — and add social media at your guide book.

  1. Let your audience know everything about it.

Clear. Concise. Complete.

With your copy, you must communicate everything to your audience — who, where, what, why & when.

You must make your audience clear on every single detail in a way that makes them excited & curious. Design your copy in a way that when your audience comes across these ads or copies they feel the urge to engage with it. You must also add exciting calls-to-action to make sure that they are engaging warmly and not just casually. In the end, you must add an effective call-to-action button that will further improve engagement. If you want to know how to design an effective call-to-action, we have got you covered.

Go back to the drawing board and make sure how you have written copies for your social media posts. Have you answered who, why, when, how & what properly?

  1. Make Use of the Emotional Aspect.

Let the copy be a little emotionally driven, you can win your audience for real. Useless words but keep it soulful that the visitors can connect with. While it looks quite a simple thing to write a social media copy, believe me — it can get you MASSIVE results if done correctly. You can understand how every Instagram follower spends around 21 minutes of his/her day scrolling through their Instagram feeds including videos and images. In this visually-driven platform, you can use emotionally evoking captions, mindfully, with videos or images. Your punchy caption will definitely push the reader to stop by and think about it.

  1. Know what’s the goal for your social media post.

Knowing the goal for your organic social media posts can be tricky — but definitely, it’s not rocket science! While you can easily choose the goal for your social ad campaigns where you can select a goal from the available options & focus on advertising, performance, branding, or conversion as per your brand’s requirements — but it is not easy to do the same for organic social media posts. You must pay heed to an understanding of how you can establish these goals for your organic social media posts. The best way to get through this puzzling situation is — look out for the goals that are applied to the paid ads and you can take reference from there and you can get to the core of your organic social media post. Some of these goals for your organic social media posts could be — Clicks, Branding, Followers, Shares, Likes, Conversions, Comments, or others. Once you know the goal, you can measure the success of your post.

  1. Make sure that your Ad Copy Length will not be a performance blocker.

While some channels give an option for using longer content for ad copies that do not mean you can have it done that way. Whatever may be the case — you’ll always be at the winning end if you are creating a copy for an organic social media post using only a few words. Communicating your CTA in three to four-words that would give you the best results possible. While some experts would tell you that a shorter copy performs better, the others may argue that longer social media copies are great when it is about enhancing the conversion rates. In our blog, Copywriting Hacks for Three Popular Channels we have brought you all the important information on what should be the ideal length for your social media copy for Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, separately.

You can turn around split testing to ensure which technique works better — using a longer copy or a shorter copy. In any case, the most important thing is presenting your audience with a clearer picture of whatever you are trying to convey through the message. Your ad copy will convert only when it embeds the needed information and is offering an incentive for his action.

Be smart…and create your copy smartly!!

  1. Be Present on Every social media channel.

In our last blog, we have also talked about how you can know what guidelines you must follow to create copies for different channels. In fact, every social media channel is created distinctly and more so, with a different vision in mind — you must approach tweaking around your copy for every other channel keeping in mind the type audience you are communicating with. You cannot replicate the copy that you have written for Instagram to Twitter and Facebook — it has to be created differently. In fact, you must clearly establish and talk about the boundaries — for formal & informal communication that you’ll allow — in your Brand Identity guideline. Your audience is going to have a different purpose when they are scrolling through the feeds on different platforms — so make sure that you make the necessary changes into the copy when doing it for multiple channels — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

  1. Get Your Audience the Information Handy.

You can keep your audience into the loop by feeding them with important industry news. But, make sure that it should again be on par with the expectations of the audiences on that particular platform. If you can mindfully leverage their desire to learn and keep the information they are looking for handy, you can keep them hooked to your post.

For instance, LinkedIn, a professional social media platform — it is all about informative content and consumption. It is where top-notch industry professionals are present throughout looking for content on the latest development taking place in the industry they are interested in. Around 94% of the B2B marketers are leaning on the platform for content distribution. More so, 45% of users coming to the platform to read content, belong to upper-level positions like managers, directors, and CEOs. These people belong to the real information-hungry lot from the industry and are always looking for updates — you must create your copy to feed their hunger — that will win you their attention. You can do this by sharing industry news, quotes from influencers & industry top-notch professionals, and industry statistics.

  1. Match the Image/video with your Copy.

Copywriting is not right if you have not correctly matched your copy with the visual — it is all about that. This connection is important to your audience emotionally. Most B2B brands get this connection right to make the much-needed impact. If you are embedding some motivational quote that boasts of hard work with an image that talks about your new digital marketing product — that would look completely irrelevant to the user. Marketers literally do that — and the reasons are many — some don’t think that this text would ever be read, some believe that it just has to be a text that can be embedded into the image. But, that’s where they are mistaken. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives both emotionally and economically — we have to give a thought to each & every social media post. It must be so crafted that it does not hurt the audience’s sentiments — the kind of word selection could be an important consideration. You must avoid using certain performing words and phrases. If you want to know more about these words & the copywriting standards during COVID-19, we have got you covered.

Be Wise with your social media copies!

The social media copies that you are crafting are all potent to break or make the engagement rate. Using just a high-resolution image or a video would not serve the purpose. It’s time to reconsider, contemplate & start designing copies that are meaningful, matches with the context, and has the potential to feed the information-hungry audiences, at large. The social media ad copies should be designed in a way that does not undermine the pain point of the audiences. It must offer the right solution at the right time for the challenges they are faced with. You can follow us to reach customers wherever they are and offer them with the right solution at the right time. 

We have here communicated our share of tips & tactics on crafting social media copies!

Tell us in the comment section below, what strategies do you apply for creating your copies? Do you have any other tactics than what is given above? Enrich us with your share of knowledge on the same.

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