Favicons Alleviate Cyber Security Concerns

Advertisers Enhance Listing Legitimacy Through Branded Search Results

AdMedia.com integrates Favicons across an array of products, services, and brands. Associated advertisers gain instant brand recognition by presenting the familiar logos consumers know and trust alongside sponsored text ads.

Los Angeles, CA (PR WEB) May 2nd, 2011 –– Consumers often avoid online shopping for fear of falling victim to cyber crimes, such as identity theft and fraud. Online advertisers confront this problem on a daily basis. Many customers browse through their inventories without ultimately converting despite enhanced security measures. AdMedia’s introduction of Favicons into search results promises to lend advertisers the credibility they need to turn digital window shoppers into satisfied customers.

When users search for products and services on AdMedia brands (admediabrands.com), such as Cheapstuff.com, or publisher sites within the company’s network, they now see advertisers’ logos alongside sponsored links. The logos solidify an advertiser’s authority in the consumers’ minds, which increases click through rates and boosts sales. Favicons also bolster branding efforts at no cost to the client. Other leading search engines currently rely on general related images.

Users appreciate the ability to instantaneously verify a link’s trustworthiness without having to navigate away from the results page. This improves their browsing experience while protecting them from scammers and spammers. Naturally, the aura of advertiser authenticity benefits AdMedia Publishers as well. Users are more likely to return to sites that obviously partner with reliable marketing professionals.

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