6 Benefits of Virtual Collaborations During COVID-19

Virtual collaborations, virtual meetings, virtuals lunches ~ nothing is a novel idea! It has been there since technology began making our lives simpler. 

There are businesses that solely function on the virtual working model. Over the years they have known plenty of advantages of the virtual working model. Therefore, they continue to function in a similar way. But, for businesses & organizations, a sudden need to shift to a virtual collaboration has popped up. With quarantine & social-distancing being the top priority in the fight against coronavirus, virtual lunch meetings, and virtual collaborations are the best options we can switch to.

The good news is that there are a lot of advantages when you are collaborating with your tops clients, employees & colleagues. Let’s find out what are those advantages and how that can help in our organization to sustain through the fight against coronavirus. Here we go:

9 Benefits of Virtual lunch Meetings & Virtual collaboration:

  1. No more Geographical Boundaries

The best think about virtual collaboration is the absolute removal of the geographical boundaries that exist. The revolutionization of technology has made it all easy for people from around the world to connect with each other. There is this internet, there are web cameras, there are many other technical types of equipment that can connect you with people from around the world.  

While in an in-office working environment, you need the person to be physically present, in a virtual model of communication, just a good internet connection along with a few technical types of equipment will do. Not only Virtual lunch meetings just cut through the physical boundaries, but it also takes care of the space that is not required in case of a physical model of a meeting. Virtual meetings and the virtual model of work give us a lot of space to involve people from different parts of the world, building strong relationships. And, this has all been possible because of internet connectivity, which led to the idea of virtual models of work.

  1. Virtual Lunch Meetings are far less cost-effective

As compared to the in-office model of work, in virtual meetings the cost involved is far too less. You just need a small space, a laptop & internet connection – that would cost only a few bugs. However, in case of a physical meeting, there are travel costs involved, hotel accommodation cost (if required), and other miscellaneous costs involved. And, not only it is cost saving for the company, but employees get the opportunity to save a lot of time that they spend commuting to & from office. Many companies, like most of the US-based companies, hire a pool of talents from other major companies where salaries are very less as compared to the hiring country itself. So, that is another place where companies can save a considerable part of their budget.

  1. Physical storage of documents is Reduced to almost Zero

Another noticeable advantage of collaborating in a virtual environment is the need to produce and store is reduced to almost zero. Most of the data is stored in the digital form, which is also easy to later archive or access, ads compared to the physical form of data. Digital storage of data not only has a positive impact on the working environment, but it does have a very positive impact on the environment we live in – it reduces the carbon footprints with almost no use for any consumable material. In addition to that, it makes it easy for every single teammate to view the latest changes and to check with the latest version of any document they wish to.

  1. Reduces Leaves & day off

One important thing that adds to productivity is the reduced frequency of leaves. As everyone is almost all through staying at home, there is almost no need for casual leaves. In a number, if cases, most employees/clients apply for leaves as a sabbatical when they can stay at home, spend time with loved ones, and take time to relax. But, in the case of virtual meets, virtual discussions, you are already at home, there almost everyday one gets those small sabbaticals. Therefore, the number of leaves & day-offs applied is almost reduced to zero.

  1. More Opportunities

In case of a physical meeting or a physical discussion with a client – it is not always that the meeting happens. Organizing a physical meeting itself is not a small task, you have to look for a professional environment, a space to stay, and many other things. But, the story is a little different in case of a virtual meeting. If it’s an online meeting the chances of more and more people to participate increase. The obvious reason is the absence of those complicated formalities through virtual meetings. In addition to this amazing opportunity, virtual meetings can also be organized quickly ad urgently across various departments in an organization. 

  1. Indirectly Contributing to various Planet Saving Causes

The virtual meetings and discussions are almost based on the green-technology model. This form of a working model helps in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thereby protecting the planet from the greenhouse effect. Virtual meetings involve only the environment-friendly methods of communication that require almost no use of paper and it also reduces the human & vehicle movement, which is one of the root causes of environmental pollution.  Virtual-work-model is not a bad idea with this plenty of advantages that it has. 


So, when it’s keeping us safe from coronavirus along with these amazing advantages, why not switch to the virtual collaboration method. In the present time of COVID-19, organizations and companies can work way more creatively making virtual meetings a better option. In line with such an innovative move, AdMedia has come up with a free virtual lunch & learn program. Under this, clients & affiliates will be delivered with freshly prepared lunch at their doorstep, before the meeting begins. You can also think of something interesting & safe for your professionally connected family. Let’s make a difference, while we are faced with a different circumstance!!

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