5 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings during COVID-19

Virtual collaborations and Digital meetings have come out to be a general phenomenon, in response to the coronavirus crisis. For many companies, this virtual model of work is not a new thing, but for many, this form of work collaboration is quite challenging. 

Top leaders are perplexed and are looking out for ways to handle this remote workforce. They are looking for various collaboration tools & techniques to keep the pace of productivity and to make sure that there aren’t any business disruptions. 

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the shift to a remote model of work has become manifold. And, there is this increased pressure upon the industry leaders to make sure that the business associates, clients, and employees are all equipped with the right kind of technological capabilities. From high-frequency internet connection to various technical devices is what is required for these virtual meets to go on smoothly. 

In addition to all that, these virtual meetings must be conducted in a way to keep the spirit of the attendees going. Here are a few ways that can help in coming up with successful virtual meetings & discussions. Here we go:

  1. Announce some Additional Perks

And, when there is this fear of coronavirus killing us if we dare step out of our homes, what can be a better perk then a FREE virtual lunch while this remote discussion happens? So, it is very important to keep the participants lured & delighted with some extra perks of working remotely. And, amidst this hardship that we are currently going through, it is the foremost obligation of the meeting manager to keep doing things and offering perks that will gravitate more and more people to join remote meetings & discussion sessions. This is the only way to keep this functioning. Different companies are coming up with innovative ideas – one of which is a Free virtual lunch by AdMedia.

  1. Assure the consistency & Reliability of Virtual Meetings

Procurement of the best-in-the-class workstream collaboration solution and the enterprise-grade video meeting is the foremost need of any enterprise, when it’s employees, clients & other associates are asked for virtual meetings & discussions. The work from home culture & virtual meetings has become the only way for any company or organization to function during these tough times of coronavirus. And, therefore keeping check of the crucial tools & technologies is the only way out. For productivity to happen smoothly, proper connectivity, sufficient bandwidth, and way out for High-quality group video calls are prerequisites. 

The key idea is that with a virtual model of work, we are now working from different parts of the city, country, or even the world. While in a few areas, connectivity is sufficiently good, but there are internet dead spots, which is a significant part of it all to take care of. The virtual meeting manager has to be responsible for maintaining reliability & consistency during these meetings. 

  1. Keeping the Virtual Meetings Safe 

So, this virtual meeting theme is all because of the coronavirus outbreak. It is the instructions that we have received regarding social-distancing and quarantine, that we are not going to our offices and are working from home. This means keeping safe from the coronavirus is one of the major concerns. So, in this case, the manager has to maintain the consistency thought that no one goes out. Free virtual lunch is one of the amazing things you can do to maintain that your employees and clients are keeping healthy & safe. 

  1. Restructuring the Meeting Culture for Better Productivity

From the beginning till the time your organization is all working on the virtual model, it must make sure that meeting culture is continuously being worked through for better results & better productivity. Overwhelmingly, there can be a meeting overload, which must be taken care of by the manager. Polls can be conducted on the kind of overload they are experiencing and accordingly different innovative ways can be worked out to get this going. The in-office meeting culture is absolutely different from the virtual meeting model and therefore, it shall not be based on a similar culture. So, keep experimenting, go for polls, ask the employees & participants to find better & productive ways.

  1. Keeping the Participants in the Loop with various Engaging Activities

A driving force is a key! One of the key concerns of such meetings is keeping the employees & participants in the look. So, how can that look be maintained? What can you do to achieve that kind of engagement? When we are working in the office, it is the frequent activities, small games, and various other ways of engagements that keep us in love with our work. It is these frequent engagements that keep our spirits high. In addition to that, the everyday interaction with our colleagues or managers that we are involved in (be it on a professional or personal level), is another motivating element through an in-office work model.

But, how can that motivating element be incorporated into the virtual meeting or work model? You can announce casual games in between the meetings ~ like peeking through each other’s workspaces, sharing work from home pictures, creating & sharing videos with each other, organizing movie nights & more. This way each and every employee can be kept into the loop with absolute motivation. 


So, these are some of the interesting ways to keep the good work going. With all of the above tips, you can make sure that there isn’t any hurdle being caused in the work as well as productivity. This will make sure that the virtual work model & virtual meetings are being done effectively & productively. Let’s make use of various other innovative ideas to keep our workforce motivated until we are fighting this menace of coronavirus. 

Let’s meet & discuss from home as effectively as before!!

Stay home, stay healthy!!!

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