5 Powerful Tactics to Create Marketable Youtube Video Ads

Today the most incredibly efficient result-oriented platform to say is, “YouTube video Ads.” As many as 78.8% of marketers have voted YouTube as the most efficient video marketing tool. This data beats even Facebook, which got only 58.5% votes.

In fact, BI Intelligence has reported that video marketing has become popular in the last few years like never before. Video ads, YouTube Videos, video content is all over the internet. It’s like a flood that has predominantly occupied a huge part of the World Wide Web.

So, with a multitude of YourTube video ads, how can you stand & represent your business effectively & emphatically?

You have to be Smart & intelligible. Right?

You must create something that catches attention, something that your audience can connect in the very first five to ten seconds. Incorporate emotions & information — but intelligently. You have to be always aware that your audience is much informed and would not be interested in watching or sharing if they could not CONNECT within the five seconds of playing the video.

You have to stand in the crowd by creating memorable youtube videos that people would share and like. We have had a couple of blogs written in the past on Video content & why it counts in the digital marketing landscape. You can read it here.

It is quite challenging coming up with unique & likable video content ideas in the first place. But, scouting a video content idea is not really any rocket science. Let’s have a look at some of the most intriguing YouTube content ideas that could tuck at the heart of the viewers. There are many you just have to be SMART. We have these five Powerful tactics, which do not need a huge budget. Let’s get started:

Top Five Tactics to Imbibe in your YouTube Videos for MAXIMUM Results.

  1. An Element of Eccentricity & Quirkiness.

What do you like about your favorite director (movie)?

All GREAT directors, they all have one thing in common — they present the whole story in a way that is loaded with quirkiness.

They are all different but eccentric in their ways — be it Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg.

Every time they come up with something that is out of the extraordinary. All of these extraordinary people create something intricately twisted and at the same time interesting. These stories stay in your minds for a long time as you keep wondering what might have happened.

You have to imbibe a similar kind of quirkiness in your YouTube video ads. It will enhance the curiosity of your audience and keep them glued to what you are presenting them with.

But, this necessarily does not mean that you have to sound CRAZY all through the video. You have to just have an element of quirkiness that will resonate with the audience for a longer period.

  1. Using Anecdotes that Remind of the Past.

Good stories sell well! We all know that. Right?

Create a story that talks about an anecdote that your audience can connect to.

Being REAL here would work. You can pick an anecdote from real life that you might have witnessed.

Humans by nature are attracted to reminiscing events from our past-experiences in different ways. To say it is in other words, you have to be their voice and let them connect with you via your anecdote.

Infuse youTube Ads pouring in the emotional factor establishing a connection from the past. This will make them feel more inclined towards your products & can also be an amazing TRUST infusing factor. Squeezing the power of nostalgia can have amazing implications for your product or business.

  1. The Emotional Element could be a Game Changer.

Most people are glued to something that tugs at their hearts. If you are smart enough you would never make the mistake of not adding that element to your YouTube Video Ads. We have seen in the past that any story that feeds human emotions is way more impactful and it remains with the mind for a longer period.

The good thing about YouTube Video Ads is that you have a lot of scopes to do that. Unlike in the case of small text ads or display ads, it’s a little tough to incorporate that idea, which is not the case with YouTube Video Ads. In fact, the format allows you to get an opportunity to tell the story with an anecdote. On top of that, you get the freedom to make this impactful with both visual & text contents.

Every single person is going through a massive roller-coaster of emotions today. There are different forms of emotion triggers — you have to justify & connect it with your product. Pick one of these emotions and weave a story that SPEAKS to your audience. Weave a story that everyone would CONNECT with and would like to share with others.

  1. Get Your Audience some Bombshell Revelations.

It’s important to talk today that we can’t be easily & always PREDICTABLE.

An element of surprise could be a drawing card in the very first look.

As they say, you can judge a book by its cover- your audience is Smart enough to make out about your service looking at your YouTube Ads or an advertisement in any form.

The internet is constantly flooded with ads that look similar to a similar kind of story. And, the audience, unfortunately, knows what it could be about and how it is going to be. That is where you are losing it.

Being different & doing it differently would definitely break that repetitive loop that the audience hates. Almost every jewelry store would create YouTube Ads that are based on the story of a bride & how she is feeling during her wedding putting in all those beautiful pieces.

If you pay attention to this aspect of your YouTube, it’s like winning half the battle. Letting people breathe with some different flavors would win their confidence in your product. That will necessarily make for an entirely unforgettable experience for your audiences who have been forcefully fed with the same kind of stories for so many years.

Leverage this strategy, and it can bring you SUCCESS like never before.

  1. Give them Reasons to buy into your Idea/product/business.

Why do you think someone would buy into your idea?

Do you have enough reasons? Do you think that you are presenting it in any different way?

You have to have an answer to these questions before you deploy your YouTube Ads for the audience.

One of the best ways to create an Ad that the audience could connect to could be the one that starts with an underlying problem that is not only serious but has little or no solution to date. It should proceed in a way to relate this problem with your product/service & how it can be the perfect solution.

To make this more interesting, you can add some interesting & genuine testimonials that tell about the seriousness of the problem. In the end, you must ensure the audience of your product is an antidote to the problem. You can promise them some added incentives that may act as a trigger for the purchase. Like you must incorporate into your YouTube Video Ads any step your business is taking to create an impact on the world, no matter how small it is — this will add to the brand loyalty.

YouTube Video Ads — Emotive. Eccentric. Emphatic

It is the story that makes the impact! Irrespective of the budget an impactful story has all the potential to sell a product. Create a story that has never been created, make something that the audience can emotionally connect to, tell an anecdote that reminds them of the stories from the past, and give them a genuine reason that convinces them to buy into your product. This whole game is simple & impactful.

Given the stats (as we have mentioned at the beginning of the blog post), video marketing is an important aspect of your brand’s overall popularity. And, if you are not doing it right there have to be problems & you’ll end up struggling with what you want to achieve & where you were eyeing to reach. Indeed, there are agencies like AdMedia where you get multiple video solutions that can help you use videos to your advantage. So, make sure that you are incorporating YouTube video Ads in your digital marketing strategy & you are doing it right.

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