5 Extraordinary Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team

Are you looking for ideas & engaging activities to keep your virtual team active and engaged? 

With COVID-19 touching every aspect of our lives, there are uncertainties & confusion hovering around. This does not just go true for the employers, but also for the employees.

The only way a team is left to handle work is through virtual collaborations – virtual team buildings – virtual meetings – a remote model of work, and so.

But, the challenge is to keep this workforce engaged. The challenge is where to bring that hoard of enthusiasm that your workforce used to have?

Don’t worry – every lock has a key!

Your key is to work in a way that this remote working model does not disrupt your business. 

There are team building engaging activities for your virtual team. 

Here’s a whole bunch of engaging activities for your virtual team. These activities have been carefully planned as suggested by experts who have already built their virtual teams. 

These are some of the tried and tested techniques. 

These activities can be icebreakers! It will help your virtual team to come closer and proceed through healthy collaboration.

7 Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team:

  1. Sharing Each Other’s After COVID Bucket List

There’s this monster – coronavirus! And, it has all brought about a huge difference in our lives. 

The short term dreams are at halt & the long-terms are at stake.

But, there is always this bright light after the stark darkness – Let’s be hopeful!

So, the idea here is to ask everyone to share their after-COVID bucket lists.

An after-COVID bucket list is the list of things (big or small) you would do after we are clear of this crisis. 

This bucket list sharing game is a very good idea to peek into each other’s dreams & personality. Each and every mention in the list will tell something about the person. 

This bucket list sharing session won’t be that interesting if everyone completes it in one go. Make it in a way that every week one person from the team will share his/her bucket list. 

There must be some rules ~ like ~ only a set of things from the list you can share. You can have a predefined time limit to share your list. 

The next step, after the person has shared her list will be the audience’s take on her list. So everyone will speak for 5 minutes about what they think about the list or whatever they have to say. Someone may help you tick off one of the wishes from the list. 

This would not just be an engaging activity for your virtual team, but this will also help you know a lot about your coworkers. 

  1. Each other’s view on their future association with the company

This is an interesting way of knowing about everyone’s take on their association with the company in the future. 

The good thing about this game is that it is short and yet very interesting.

The game organizer will have to do one simple thing. Just collecting clipping from newspapers & magazines. These clippings must include a tagline about a company – can be like – “An organization which values its employees”, “one of the fastest-growing organizations”, “the best workforce”, and alike.

So, the game is you will ask every employee to choose three titles from the pool and pen it down on their notepads. 

This will reveal what is going in their head about the company. 

Don’t take it seriously, it’s just a game for that matter!

  1. Discovering Each other’s home workspace

That’s another simple and interesting game to be played during virtual meetings during COVID-19.

It’s about showing your working space and everything around you like keeping. It’s a virtual session where every team member will have to open their home workspaces to their teammates.

This is a fun game that establishes a sense of cohesiveness and camaraderie between the participants. In addition to that, it gives an opportunity to grab ideas from each other on how to make your workspace more energy-imparting. It also gives a peek into the person’s personality.

There should be a whole list of members with the date on which they are going to open their workspaces to their colleagues & clients.  

At the beginning of every week, one candidate will be given the opportunity to show off their workspace. At the end of this, every member will have to tell one good & one bad thing about their colleague’s workspace.

This is an opportunity for both parties to bring about changes to their own workspace for good.

  1. Instant story building

So, the idea here is, the whole virtual team has to contribute to creating a story ( spontaneous one). No preparations, nothing!

This will not work as an engaging activity for the team, but it will work upon their creative juices.

This game sharts with one person, stating the first & the beginning part of the story ~, for example, ~ Mike goes to the market and feels, as if, he saw someone familiar standing at a distant place”.

The other member then has to continue the story with whatever that comes to his mind first. Everyone will be given two minutes to think over. However, a spontaneous answer would be the best thing for this game. 

This way a complete story will be created in an innovative & spontaneous way. 

This game is a way of gauging each other’s creative potential as well as the zeal to work in a collaborative environment. It’s gonna be a way of conveying the message that ~ listening skills & creative efforts are the pillars of any organization’s collaborative efforts. 

  1.  Picture sharing Game

KIS – Keep It Simple!

Don’t want to spend too much time on it? 

Let’s take an easy & simple approach. 

Sharing our pictures with each other may look simple, but it can act as the real icebreaker. It’s an interesting way of connecting with each other, sharing a lot of laughter & discovering amazing things about each other.

So, the idea is ~ at the beginning of every week, one of the team members (as decided previously) will be sharing one of their personal life pictures. The picture can be anything with his/her family member, a per or a single one that reminds of a dreamy vacation. 

After sharing the picture, every team member will explain what comes to their mind, when they got the first look of the picture.

In the end, the person has to explain everything about it. Like what comes in your mind when you look at this picture, where did you click it, what’s the best thing that you find about this picture or anything else.

Damm….it’s going to be fun! 

It’s an absolute opportunity to develop a bond and that sense of camaraderie.


So, these are some of the most interesting & engaging activities to keep everyone in the loop in a virtual environment. There is much more to this you can discover. With the outbreak of corona virus & COVID-19 being the reason for most organizations to switch to a virtual work environment, they are coming up with various innovative ideas. One of such innovative ideas came from AdMedia ~ FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn. Every client who is willing for a meeting will be delivered free lunch to their doorstep, which is a wonderful idea, particularly during this worldwide pandemic. 

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