5 Effective Channels That Can Put You In Front of Your Customers

Thanks to the wide reach of the web and technology, brands don’t just have more choices in terms of the number of channels to advertise on, they also have more targeting options that allow them to zero in on relevant customers no matter where they are or what they’re interested in. This is extremely good news for businesses that wish to put their name out there. And just in case you’ve forgotten about this little fact, this post will serve as a reminder of the many, many ways that you can get in front of your target audience.

Check out the following channels below. Are there items here that you haven’t tried? If so, why not? And if you have tried any of these channels, is there a way that you can optimize them further to get more effective results? These are just some of the questions that you should ask as you re-visit your online marketing and advertising options. Hopefully, the answers that you get will be enough to give you some insights on how you can jumpstart your campaigns.

Search results

Can you get in front of your customers at the exact time that they’re looking for you? Yes indeed, thanks to search advertising. By serving up ads through XML data feeds and search results, companies can display their ads based on the keywords that users are searching for. So as an example, if you have a flower shop in Los Angeles and want to reel in new customers, you can do so by bidding on the keywords that people are typing when they’re looking for a flower shop in LA.

Relevant websites

Find the blogs or sites that your customers frequent and purchase advertising from them. Just be sure to check the amount of traffic that the sites get, to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Some ad networks can take care of this for you as well, by displaying your ads on relevant sites that are part of their publishing network.

At the palm of their hand

Have you tried mobile advertising yet? If not, then it’s best to look into it as it could be the perfect opportunity to reach on the go consumers. Also make it a point to revamp your website to ensure that it’s mobile friendly, to cater to your visitors that are browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets.

Image and video overlays

Leverage the power of pictures by displaying overlay ads on relevant images. Doing so boosts the chances of your ad getting seen, because users are more inclined to notice photos and images on a page. Overlay ads can also be applied to videos, and they will allow you to get in front of customers without disrupting their viewing experience. (Overlay ads usually appear at the bottom part of a video and contain a close button.)

Wherever they are

Remarketing advertising gives you the power to reel in customers who have left your site without buying anything. If you want to bring users back to your site, you can implement a Remarketing (sometimes referred to as “Retargeting”) campaign that will display your ads on the other sites that users visit.


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