5 Content Marketing Tools That Will Expand The Reach

In the content marketing game, a lot of small businesses overlook an equally important activity which is the backbone of it- promoting the content. Without readers, your blog articles, white papers, and e-books are just wasting digital space.

That’s why it’s so important to have a well-rounded content promotion strategy in place, as well as the right tools to make it easier and automate what’s possible. Here are a few content marketing tools and widgets that expand your content’s reach.

Effective Content Marketing Tools That Will Expand The Content Reach



You need a social media management dashboard anyway, and this one’s great for scheduling shares of your content. The Hootlet extension for Chrome makes it simple to share any webpage or blog post without copying and pasting the link. 

Schedule shares of each blog post every day for a week on Hootsuite, staggering times to reach the widest audience possible across all your social channels.


Just like report cards are useful in telling us whether our kids are paying attention in class or not, there’s a similar evaluation tool for content marketing called Buzznami. Enter your website URL and get a full report on how well you’re doing in including internal links and subheadings to make search engines able to find your content easily, as well as how your social media shares are doing in reaching more people. After assessing your evaluation, determine where the weaknesses are, and make a plan to beef up efforts there.

Revive Old Post

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The Revive Old Post WordPress plugin is great for getting eyeballs on content you published long ago, which has a tendency to not be viewed as often within weeks of it goes live.

The plugin works directly on your WordPress platform, and once you input your social media credentials, you can set up automated shares of older posts. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook and Twitter. Set up at least one share of older content a day, spreading them out across the day.


Sometimes simply organizing your content is what’s keeping you from reaching more people with it. Contently is a content marketing platform that allows you to compare content performance against industry benchmarks and analyze data so that you can tweak your content strategy to better appeal to your audience. Track engagement for each piece of content you publish and ensure it’s aligned with the content marketing objectives you’ve established.


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Content marketing can be an aggressive competition with others in your industry, but BuzzSumo gives you the competitive edge. Not only can you discover what content of yours is working, but also which influencers are sharing it. You can also track your competitor’s content performance. Identify influencers in your industry and connect with them through BuzzSumo so that you are on their radar, increasing the odds that they’ll amplify your content for you.

Last Words


While all these content marketing tools can be immensely helpful in getting you more readers for your content, realize that the biggest asset you have is your own effort. When you dedicate time and energy to consistently promoting your content, you get results, plain and simple. Last but certainly not the least do not forget to contribute your valuable feedback with us.


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