4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Publisher Should Make

Last week, we wrote about New Year’s resolutions for advertisers. This time around, we thought we’d go to the other side of the fence and talk about what publishers can do to make 2013 more profitable. If you have a website, app, or toolbar and you’re looking for more ways to monetize them in 2013, check out the following tips below and resolve to do them in the year ahead.

Produce only quality content – Getting more traffic (plus clicks and revenue in the process) doesn’t require sleazy click baits and annoying tactics. Instead of looking for ways to make a quick buck, focus on producing quality content. If you are able to provide immense value to your visitors, you’ll find that they will keep coming back and that there’s no need to “lure” them into your website.

Whether you’re publishing blog posts, shooting videos, and developing toolbars, remember to put user experience first. Always invest in the quality of your content or creations. Sure, this route will take longer, and there usually aren’t any shortcuts when putting out top quality products, but doing so is often much more meaningful and yields better results.

Be consistent – Don’t be one of those erratic publishers that produce content then disappear, only to sprout up out of the blue on some random day. Nothing confuses your visitors/users more, and it’s a sure-fire way to send the message that you’re very inconsistent. Users want to deal with publishers that are dependable and with proven track records of putting out quality content/products on a regular and consistent basis.

Most publishers fail to be consistent with content because they are having one of those days when they don’t have anything to write about or they “just don’t feel like it”. Don’t let this happen to you. Slow news or lazy days can be effectively combated with an editorial calendar.  Always plan your posts ahead and make a publishing schedule so you always know what to write about and when. Editorial calendars also come in handy for recording your thoughts and ensuring that no brilliant post ideas slip through the cracks.

Go mobile – Users are now consuming content through multiple channels, so as a publisher, you will need to keep up with them. Since most people are now accessing the web via their mobile devices, ensure that your content is also available on smartphones and tablets. Create a mobile-friendly site to ensure that your visitors will still be able to access your content even while they’re on the go.

Also remember that it isn’t just about mobile-friendly content. In order to effectively monetize on the go users, be sure to put mobile ads on your website as well to ensure that you’re able to earn revenue using multiple channels and platforms.

Be relevant – Is there breaking news your industry? Perhaps some trending topics that people just can’t stop talking about? Be sure to join the chatter and produce content that are in line with relevant issues. Doing so increases the chances of people finding your content, thus allowing you to gain more traffic, clicks, and revenue in the process.

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