4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Advertiser Should Make

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people or individuals turning over a new leaf in the coming year, they can also be applied to businesses who want to improve customer service and generate revenue.

On top of your own personal new year’s resolutions for 2013, consider thinking of some professional or industry-related resolutions that your business can also commit to.

1. Be more targeted – In 2013, resolve to put our more targeted ads. Remember that in advertising, getting 100 targeted and relevant clicks is better than getting 1000 untargeted impressions that don’t yield clicks or results.

Advertising platforms give extensive tools for companies to help them zero in on their audiences. Use them. Put out specific ads for users based on either their demographics or location (or both) and you’ll definitely see an improvement in your campaigns.

Aside from using the targeting tools of your ad network, ensure that the your ad text or graphics are targeted as well. Gather data on the audience that you’re trying to reach and use that research to create your ads. Use their language and incorporate their preferences into advertisements. Remember that the campaign should be about THEM, not you, so put out ads that they like (and not just what you like).

2. Use multiple channels and devices – Gone are the days when users only have to rely on one or two devices to get information. In this day and age, people are getting information from multiple sources and devices which means that if you want to put your brand out there, you need to do so using several devices and channels as well.

It’s not enough to just put banners ads on a couple of websites. Nowadays, you need to strive to be everywhere your customers are, otherwise, you risk getting lost in the clutter. Consider making use of Cross Channel Advertising to cover all your bases. As its name clearly states, this solution allows you to reach users across multiple channels, including search, display, social, mobile, video, and more. Taking advantage of Cross Channel Advertising ensures that you’ll be where your customers are and increases the chances of you staying top of mind.

3. Keep up with the times and trends  – In order for your brand to stick and resonate with customers, it needs to be relevant; and in order to be relevant, you need to keep a close eye on what’s new and what’s trending so that you can come up with ads that your customers can relate to.

Make it a point to keep yourself abreast with what’s happening in your industry. Subscribe to relevant blogs, pick up publications in your space, and follow your field’s thought leaders on social media. Speaking of, pay attention to the trending topics on social networks and use those to craft posts or even campaigns that you can put out there.

4. Get to know your customers even more – Did you do enough customer research in 2012? If not, then be sure to get on it in 2013. Gather as much customer data and intel as you can. Conduct surveys and track customer behavior through analytics. Doing so will allow you to serve them better, and put out more superior products, services, and ad campaigns.

Image credit: Joe Lanman on Flickr

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