3 Top Tools to Test Plagiarized Content

“Content is Currency”! Content can only get you close to currency – not just content, but to be precise “Original Content”. 

From the perspective of the Search Engines, it is very important to make sure that your website does not contain any plagiarized content. 

In the world of the Internet, Plagiarism is a legal offense and your website can be penalized for publishing plagiarized content by search engines including Google. And, it will consequently lead to losing the significance for which the website was created.

But, before implementing the idea of non-plagiarized content on your website, you must first know what a Plagiarized or duplicate content is. Let’s find out

Defining Plagiarized Content?

Definition of Plagiarized Content or Duplicate Content as per Google Search Console: “Duplicate content refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains. That either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.”

Here’s what happens when Search Engines see Plagiarized Content:

  • When Google or Search Engines find a number of similar content coming through different websites, the ranking of the site considerably drops. 
  • Plagiarized content in the extreme case can also lead to the website vanishing from SERPs.
  • In case, the Search Engine finds the inbound links pointing to different pages with similar content via different sites, the strength of the inbound links get diluted.

Search Engine will not display similar content on multiple pages, it will display just the one which most suitably addresses the visitor’s query. 

Therefore, to avoid these consequences and to be able to make the best use of the content that is being crafted. It is very important to check for plagiarized content before it reaches the Search Engines. There are a number of Plagiarized Content Checker tools. You can use them in your endeavor to publish only original content on your website.

To help you find the Top Tools to test Plagiarized Content, we have created this list. Some of these are absolutely free while there are others, for which you will need to pay (after your trial period ends).

Let’s know more about these top tools to test Plagiarized Content:

  1. CopyScape

Copyscape.com is one of the top tools to check plagiarism. Copyscape works using the URL of the page whose content you are looking out to review for plagiarism. You just have to enter the URL of the page and the other pages on the internet where similar content is published will appear. So, you can click those links and the part of the content that is copied will be shown highlighted. Once you enter the URL & and press go, it will fetch you a detailed report with every copied sentence highlighted in red. On Copyscape, there is no option to copy & paste your content to check it for plagiarism. It’s simple & easy to use!

  1. Smallseotools

Next among the top tools to test plagiarized content is Smallseotools. Unlike Copyscape, smallseotools has both the options, you can check your content for plagiarism, both ways. Either you can copy and paste our content & check it against another similar piece of content over the internet or can also launch a plagiarism checker using the URL of the page for which the content is being tested. 

It shows the user an absolutely detailed report mentioning the percentage of plagiarism that the content has. In addition to the, all those sentences which are plagiarized are highlighted with red color and the ones with no plagiarism with green color. There is also a compare button that you will see just at the right end of every plagiarized sentence. You can press on the compare button & you will be taken to that page or website with which that part or sentence of the content matches. 

  1. Duplichecker

Another big name to the list of Top Tools to test Plagiarized content is Duplichecker. It’s authentic and has been listed by a Google query. The best thing about this delicacy checker is its ease of use. Unlike other mentioned tools, Duplichecker gives its users three options – you can either copy & paste your content & check, second is, you can copy-paste the link of the webpage content & check like Copyscape & the third option is that you can upload a file that contains the content. You can use any of the three methods to check your content.

With the help of Duplichecker, you get a comprehensive plagiarism detection report. After completion of the checking process, it will display you both plagiarism and a unique percentage. It will also show you the websites & pages which have published similar content in the past. There is also an option to print the report (if required).


So, these are three top tools to test Plagiarized content. To make sure that your website appears in the SERP and is not penalized by the search engines, it is important to do plagiarism checking before publishing the same on the website. In addition to that, you must also do regular audits & checks for duplicate content. This will keep you informed if anyone else is copying your content. Other than the above three Siteliner and Plagiarism Detector is also among top tools to check plagiarized content.

While internal plagiarism issues can be fixed for external plagiarism issues you have to go an extra mile. You can write to the owner of the website, which has copied your content and ask them to remove it. Another important thing is registering and getting a DMCA badge. By displaying DMCA badge, you can ward off any kind of plagiarism on your site, you will ward off any type of plagiarism. If you want to reach every corner of the webs, you must make your website plagiarism-free. To know more about how to rank high in the SERP and reach everywhere on the web you must visit https://admedia.com/display/our_reach/.

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