How to Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Generic Search results can do wonder for your website. Not only will it increase the chances of upping your rank on the Google SERP but also the Click-Through Rate (CTR). So, if you run a website, you would definitely want it to top the ranks and charts and expect more visitors coming to your siteContinue reading “How to Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR)”

Basic Tips to Start Running Ads on Facebook – Know Them

Facebook is one such platform which has robust paid payment platform. Most of the brands and the marketers run brilliant campaigns across the industries with a staggering 93% running ads. Almost everyone, all the influencers and the brands alike want to run ads on Facebook.

How to get Started with Instagram Business Profile?

Since the launch of the Instagram Business Profile in the year 2016, everybody has been thinking to switch on to it sooner and later. For most influencers and organizations who had a lot of following, converting their account into the business profile was an easy decision.

Transform Customer Experience through Cognitive Engagement

Data protection is the order of the day following the European Union’s release of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on May 25th. The data protection furor arose with the breach of data by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica who mostly used those data to interfere and influence the user behavior.

New Political Advertisement Rules by Twitter Shows Strictness in Affairs

With American Mid Term elections due in time, Twitter has rolled out stricter regulations for Political Advertising. The stricter regulations have been released in advance to let the users and the political administrations to understand its transparency norms. With Facebook under fire for its alleged involvement in US and UK election.

How Would GDPR impact the Social Media? – Analyzing Pros and Cons

The increasing impacts of social media in our lives had made it obvious for the authorities to pass tougher legislation containing its use. With Facebook’s breach of user data, it became evident that the law pending the clearance in the European Union would soon be passed.

Why Did Amazon and Google Loss on Market of Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant?

Amazon was the first player to have entered the Smart Speaker Market with Amazon Alexa. Alexa then got renamed to Echo. Google then entered the market with the stupendous technological marvel called the ‘Google Home’. The device was powered by Google Assistant which has gone through significant changes.

Learn to Humanize Your Customer Experience Through Understanding Their Demands

In this present age, everything seems to be data driven and Customer relations have eventually turned out to be the same. The brands have long forgotten the value of customer experience and they remain not more than a set of metrics and numbers on a campaign dashboard. This is something which has downgraded the customerContinue reading “Learn to Humanize Your Customer Experience Through Understanding Their Demands”

3 Steps To Improve Your Ecommerce Experience

E-commerce has leveled the playing field in a lot of ways. Smaller online businesses now have access to the same sprawling, the international customer base that established retailers enjoy. While established retailers may already have a strong foothold in the e-commerce space, smaller merchants often go through some trial and error in perfecting the online shoppingContinue reading “3 Steps To Improve Your Ecommerce Experience”