Get Ready for Increased Ad Prices on Facebook

It was not long when Facebook rejuvenated the idea of Ad selling on its popular timeline feature. Today, Ads are flooded here with cheapest of cost but this status quo would not last for long as Mark Zuckerberg recently share that the Facebook is mulling over revamping the news feed in order to prioritize theContinue reading “Get Ready for Increased Ad Prices on Facebook”

Super Bowl Ad LII Tracker 2018

There is some time left for Super Bowl LII, scheduled for the first week of February 2018, but the heat for the Advertisement placement has already become too high to handle for most of the advertisers. Even the handling fee has been slightly raised by NFL this year to a maximum of $5 million thisContinue reading “Super Bowl Ad LII Tracker 2018”

YouTube Introduces New Norms for Creator Monetization Through ‘Google Preferred’

YouTube had announced earlier that it will chop and change some of its monetization methods to suit the larger sections of the video marketing. It has made some big changes to its monetization platform for creators as well as advertisers in order to bring coherence to the online video marketing community.

Three Ways in Which Traditional Media Companies Can Catch the Online Media Bull by its Horn

There has been a huge shift in the stance as to where the Traditional Media Companies stand today as they have faced a huge competition from technology-based sites such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Though this might not look to be a real tug of war, traditional media players have already been pushed to theContinue reading “Three Ways in Which Traditional Media Companies Can Catch the Online Media Bull by its Horn”

IoT gadgets on a roll with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home at CES

Internet of Things (IoT) might be the newest player in the markets and brands have been putting in a lot of efforts to understand it. The marketers have already started looking at Amazon and Google to dominate the market comprising of connected devices in the year 2018.

How Blockchain Can Prove Godly for Media and Entertainment in 2018

Blockchain has been a phenomenon ever since its release in other sectors but Media and Entertainment can be one sector where it can transform itself into a cosmic phenomenon. It can prove godly for the sector in various ways. Bitcoin made news in the last month of the year 2017 when the cryptocurrency surged pastContinue reading “How Blockchain Can Prove Godly for Media and Entertainment in 2018”

6 Marketing Trends That Shook the Business This Week

While we were busy having the decent time with our families amidst opening bottles and munching cookies, the market was busy trending with advertisement oriented marketing techniques. From TV streaming to Live Facebook branding, market rotated at a versatile pace this week in the New Year.

Most Memorable Movie Ad Campaigns of 2017

The past yearn was incredibly awesome with some of the biggest hits while some got completely entrenched into controversies. While some movie saw great openings to their fantastic trailers, some got lost in advertisement world’s frenzy tactics. Though this was a rough year for Hollywood as a whole, it can still be termed as oneContinue reading “Most Memorable Movie Ad Campaigns of 2017”

Media and Entertainment Stock 2017: Amazon, Netflix Biggest Winners

The Media and Entertainment Stock for the year 2017 has spoken the minds of the market and its astonishing as to how the stocks have performed over the year. As it shows the traditional media conglomerates can’t even match the momentum which has gotten behind the technologically sound and craftily managed digital media sources suchContinue reading “Media and Entertainment Stock 2017: Amazon, Netflix Biggest Winners”