How Twitter is Changing TV Advertising

TV ads are a great way to reach customers. Placing ads during TV programs you’re specific customers enjoy helps you reach the appropriate audience, and millions of people watch television, so you can be specific while still pulling in a large group of interested customers. Most people are in agreement that televisions is a versatileContinue reading “How Twitter is Changing TV Advertising”

21 Of The Best Sources For Online Advertisers

Looking to brush up on your ad knowledge? We’ve put together a handy list of resources you can check out.” Top 10 Websites For Online Advertisers 1. Google AdWords– Google AdWords allows online advertisers to reach local online customers. This is done by online advertisers creating pay-per-click-ads that will only appear when someone searchs aContinue reading “21 Of The Best Sources For Online Advertisers”

How to Maximize Search to Get Readers to Your Company Blog

One good way to interact with customers and create more traffic to your company website is to create a blog. Through blog posts your company can engage with topics that are relevant to your industry and products. Blogs should be interesting and informative so that people will want to read them. Once you have attractedContinue reading “How to Maximize Search to Get Readers to Your Company Blog”