4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Publisher Should Make

Last week, we wrote about New Year’s resolutions for advertisers. This time around, we thought we’d go to the other side of the fence and talk about what publishers can do to make 2013 more profitable. If you have a website, app, or toolbar and you’re looking for more ways to monetize them in 2013, […]

Q3 Digital Ad Revenues Hit All-Time High

Need another reason to double down on online advertising? Read on. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) online advertising revenues have hit an all-time high in the 3rd quarter of 2012. In a press release published this morning, the IAB stated that:

4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Advertiser Should Make

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people or individuals turning over a new leaf in the coming year, they can also be applied to businesses who want to improve customer service and generate revenue. On top of your own personal new year’s resolutions for 2013, consider thinking of some professional or industry-related resolutions that your […]

3 Reasons to Consider Smaller Ad Networks for Your Business

When it comes to online advertising, businesses usually turn to Google, AOL, or Facebook mainly because these ad networks are the biggest in the industry. However, it’s important to note that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Most small players in the online ad space now have the same technology and reach to rival the goliaths […]

Inject Gives You More Ways to Monetize Your Content and Creations

Contrary to what others might think, online publishers aren’t limited to bloggers and website owners (at least not in this ad network). To us here at AdMedia, software, toolbar, and app developers are included in the publisher family too, which is why we give them tons of opportunities to monetize their creations.

5 Ways to Stay Relevant During the Holidays

The phrase, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” that we keep hearing during the holiday season doesn’t just apply to kids and families. It also rings true for business. Sales surge during November and December, thanks to Christmas shoppers buying presents and décor. In fact, according to a recent infographic by MDG Advertising, […]

Give the Gift of Advertising This Season

For businesses, giving presents to other companies isn’t just an effective way to spread the holiday cheer, it can also prove to be a solid networking tactic. Sending gifts to business clients and vendors helps keep you on their radar, which in turn can get your more orders, referrals, and opportunities.

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