Why In-Image Advertising is Worth Looking Into

The cliché “An image is worth a thousand words” should probably be revised to something like, “An image is worth a thousand bucks.” In this day and age, Images are not-so-slowly and surely ruling the web. Think about it. Image-based sites such as Pinterest are on the rise, popular photo-sharing app Instagram is literally worthContinue reading “Why In-Image Advertising is Worth Looking Into”

5 Ways to Beat Shopping Cart Abandonment and Get More Sales

If you have an e-commerce business then you know that getting people to your website is only half the battle. While SEO, affiliate sales, and, online advertising can definitely boost traffic to your site, the REAL challenge is in getting users to actually make a purchase. If you’re experiencing high rates of shopping cart abandonment,Continue reading “5 Ways to Beat Shopping Cart Abandonment and Get More Sales”

AdMedia Hits 86 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

BURBANK, CA–Sep 17, 2012 AdMedia, the leading provider of performance-based advertising solutions, today announced that it drew more than 86 million unique monthly visitors in August. The milestone comes just after the ad network released its Cross-Channel Advertising product — a comprehensive package that lets advertisers and publishers utilize various channels to reach customers.

Three Cross-Channel Advertising Questions Answered

AdMedia’s Cross-Channel Advertising product is sweeping the nation and is a very popular solution among advertisers for all of their marketing needs. For the few that still haven’t caught hold on this whirlwind of awesomeness there are some questions that are asked when it comes to the Cross-Channel Advertising campaign. This post is designed specificallyContinue reading “Three Cross-Channel Advertising Questions Answered”

AdMedia Goes Go Kart Racing

Last Wednesday, the AdMedia team headed to the MB2 Raceway in Sylmar CA. We were all craving for an exciting trip, and this indoor go kart raceway was the perfect venue to fulfill our need for speed. We were all up for some friendly competition, so we put on our helmets, got inside our vehiclesContinue reading “AdMedia Goes Go Kart Racing”