QR Advertising & Mobile Marketing

Those outside of major U.S. cities and Japan might not be familiar with the concept of QR advertising. Quick Response (QR) displays are basically two dimensional bar codes that can be read with special scanners, Smartphones, and ordinary cell phones that include cameras. These have been around since 1994, but they haven’t exactly caught fire […]

The Psychology of “Sharing”

Every online advertiser is familiar with a usual metrics, such as click through rates. These industry standards usually measure how many people viewed or clicked on creatives, but they stop short of calculating whether or not the user passed along the content. The very principle of social networking relies on the human need to share […]

FDA’s Tobacco Regulations Spark Controversy

Last year Congress enacted a law granting the Food and Drug Administration unprecedented authority to regulate tobacco products. The initiative, supported by President Obama, went largely unnoticed by the general population until this past week. When the FDA unveiled the shocking images that will start appearing on cigarette packs next year, everyone suddenly had an […]

Going Green No Longer Gold

Lately it seems as though everyone’s hoping on the green movement bandwagon or making a considerable effort at faking eco-consciousness. Supermarkets and department stores are stocked with products that claim to be environmentally friendly as advertisers compete for the other kind of green—consumer cash. But the latest sales figures reveal a fickle and often skeptical […]

Facebook Eyes Local Advertising Goldmine

A recent Pew Study found that a mere 4% of internet users utilize location based services, such as Foursquare. While this surprisingly low figure has many e-marketers scratching their heads, we suggest taking a step back before rushing into panic mode. Remember, the internet is a dynamic medium and it’s fairly difficult to gauge emerging […]

San Francisco Bans Happy Meal Toys

Marketing anything directly towards children is a controversial, yet effective business practice. Kids don’t have their own money, but they have considerable influence over their parents’ spending habits. This may have annoying consequences, but consumer advocates claim that this issue creates deeper problems than mere temper tantrums. They feel that the real trouble begins when […]

Sponsored Tweet Targeting

Social networking site Twitter has been running promoted tweets for a while now. These are very similar to the format of Google’s sponsored links on their search results pages in that advertisers pay for places among the scarce available space. Twitter’s platform produces results, but the site decided to step things up a notch via […]

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