Online Advertising Flourishes

There’s been a lot of discussion in the business world about the New York Times’ 3rd quarter losses. The media giant remains a powerhouse in the American news industry, yet its print circulation and associated advertising revenues continue to decline. Many commentators are focusing primarily on the negative aspects of this headline, but they’re missingContinue reading “Online Advertising Flourishes”

Better Than Bake Sales

Last month we discussed some financially needy California schools making the decision to display advertisements on campus and buses. This bold move may have sparked a nationwide trend because now several Minnesota school boards are considering opening their schools up to advertisers as well, particularly on lockers. Once again, some parents are concerned about aContinue reading “Better Than Bake Sales”

Another Facebook Privacy Fiasco

The Wall Street Journal has been running an extensive series of articles about highly effective internet marketing tools such as tracking cookies. Their motivation seems unclear since these techniques are hardly new to the e-marketing world. Nevertheless, this probing led to an unsettling discovery involving Facebook’s wildly popular apps. It seems these apps have beenContinue reading “Another Facebook Privacy Fiasco”

Inappropriate Product Placement?

The Chile Mining crisis had people all over the world on the edges of their seats hoping for a positive conclusion. Everyone got their wish this week as the miners were rescued and in surprisingly good health. Throughout their entrapment, the miners were given various amenities to make them more comfortable, such as food, internetContinue reading “Inappropriate Product Placement?”