10 Content Marketing Stats You Must Know About

Have you lately tried finding out about the current content marketing trends in your industry? If the answer is no — it’s like you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you do not have the right knowledge of the current industry trends, your content marketing strategy is never going to get the result you are eyeing upon. 

It is for sure without solid & concrete knowledge, you will end up doing guesswork creating a non-performing content marketing strategy. Before you get started with your content marketing strategy, having the right knowledge about the content marketing stats will help you head in the right direction. 

This blogpost is dedicated to bringing you information about the latest content marketing stats and helps you through your journey of creating a profitable content marketing strategy. Let’s dive deeper:

Content marketing stats to help you devise a content marketing strategy in 2021:

  1. Most successful bloggers create content with mixed of topics 

Most of the successful bloggers create their content repository in a way to contain all types of blog titles — 0.8% Q&A articles, 3.6% guides, 13.8% lists, and 10.8% Q&A articles. Per the analysis data, most blogs get benefitted from having content pieces with different topics. 

You have to do some extra work to find the right mix of topics for your blog — as each industry is different and their audience reacts in a different way. Dig into the web site’s analytics, find out the popular topics on that blog & also on your competitor’s blog.

  1. As much as 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day.

Your content strategy can be only beneficial to your company if it inculcates the element of consistency. For you to become a consummate content marketer — you have to make sure that one or more content pieces are being published every day. To keep your customers satisfied — the most important element is consistency. And, along with consistent effort, you also need to devote enough time to your content creation. 

Unless you have an extremely giant budget, you cannot succeed as a marketer by keeping content consistency at the back burner. And, even if you have a good budget for social media PPC campaigns or Google AdWords ads — you cannot ignore content marketing. This particular finding says that getting leads is not a struggle for all those 60% of the marketers who are creating at least one piece of content every day. 

  1. More than 2.96 Billion People are on social media

Per the data, there are more than 2.96 Billion People on social media. But, most businesses have not been able to harness the power of social media and the leads they can create. Most companies are not handling their social media as effectively and as often as they should be doing it. There are only a few industries that are taking advantage of this huge social media population — fitness, apparel, health, home & a few more. Content marketers along with other team members must introduce this loophole and get benefitted from the power of social media. 

  1. Content marketing generates three-times better leads than traditional marketing at 62% lesser spend. 

For all those marketers who don’t take it as seriously as it should be — a 62% lesser spend & three-times better lead generation can be a real eye-opener. When you invest your time & money into content marketing you save a considerable part of your budget that could have drained into the traditional forms of marketing. When we say that, it does not mean that performance-based native marketing & Native ads have only a little role to play — it’s just that you have to create the right balance. 

The best idea is to create a balance between traditional marketing and content marketing. While traditional marketing will not only cost you more than content marketing & generates lesser leads, but also it can’t nurture those leads generated. With this knowledge, you must diversify your efforts while not completely abandoning traditional marketing. But, given the kind of result it brings, you should always focus on creating 

  1. 36% of Articles that had both H2 & H3 tags got better traffic & were shared more. 

According to a study, as much as 36% of articles that contained both H2 & H3 heading performed better than those articles which had only H2 or only H3 heading. These articles performed better in a number of ways — they got better traffic, more shares, & more backlinks. The probable reason for this difference is that people skim through articles they read and would prefer reading only those articles in which the heading are managed mindfully. These articles keep the reader away from reading the entire article (which is frustrating) saving their time. 

Some more content marketing stats every content marketer must know:

  1. 62% of the content marketers create their content strategy in a documented form.
  2. As much as 76% of marketers directly link organic traffic to the success of their content.
  3. 84% of B2B marketers are relying on outsourcing their content.
  4. 26% of blogs are made rich with videos and 41% of marketers say that these rich blogs get tremendous results.
  5. 82% of businesses that rely on blogging to increase ROI on every search from inbound marketing. 


Content marketing is evolving every day — marketers are making their content rich with videos, images, infographics & more. All these new transformations are changing how the customer is consuming your content. A smart content marketer will always keep this knowledge on top of everything — having the knowledge of new content marketing trends is the foremost requirement. 

It is not just about creating content & throwing it in front of the user but it is more about delving into the consumers’ response to it. You can generate leads from almost everywhere but it is about how you can create quality content that intrigues your audience. It is important to keep the latest content marketing trends in front of you and create your content marketing strategy then only you can get the results.

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